Cared For

I talk about this a lot, I think, but I’m rather of the opinion it’s a good thing.


I have the most amazing friends.


I have friends who will pick up the phone if I call them at one in the morning, and I’m freaking out and I’ve forgotten about time zones.

I have friends who write me letters, friends who send me music, friends who write me essays on the meaning behind the lighting of a music video.


I have friends who are so beautiful, and they are so fundamental to my life.

They’re there when I need them, and every time I get to interact with them, I’m reminded how incredible they all are; how inspiring and incredible these people are, and how much they improve my life.


And sometimes, when things get a bit rough, I end up with a package in the mail; a box that’s been filled with a new multi-tool and letter.


My friends are amazing people, and I am so cared for.


Even if we’re thousands of miles apart. My friends can still help me up when I’m stumbling.


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