Good Decisions

Sometimes, my bizarre work schedule and strange time-zone induced patterns of interacting with people make my sleep schedule…. strange beyond any hope or measure.

So, sometimes, I make really good decisions.

For example:


The other day I was talking to my writing buddy. She told me that her number 1 ‘celebrity exception’ to her wedding was… Kinky Friedman.

I had never heard of Kinky Friedman, so she went on to tell me that he was some hilarious and strange Texan comedian who sings songs and writes noir (ish) novels.

I looked him up, and saw that he was doing a show.


I then promptly forgot what day that show was.


Until the other night, when I couldn’t sleep, and I thought ‘NOW WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD TIME TO LOOK UP THIS HIGHLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.’

And I realized that the show was…later that night.

So, naturally, the only thing to possibly do at that point, is log onto the Greyhound website at two in the morning, book a ticket to Austin, and make a plan to go see Kinky Friedman.


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