So, part of Coast Guard Training Camp was that it was the final part of training to do with the cruise ship that I was thinking of working with.

However, after training, I realized that all of the parts that I really liked were things to do with working on ships.

The training for specifically working on the cruise ship made me… sort of horrifyingly, despondently miserable.

I graduated, got my Merchant Mariner Credentials all sorted, but when I got home to Texas, I realized…

The timing wasn’t very good, and things with the cruise ship had taken a really long time, and I was feeling more and more like not only would taking the cruise ship position make me really unhappy, but it would also put me in a position where I would lose my shot at going to New Zealand.


I don’t love making decisions. I talk about this a lot. Another thing that I talk about, is choosing love or fear.

If I wanted to choose for love, there was no decision to make.

I bought my tickets to New Zealand.


However. I’d already put notice on my apartment in Texas, so I couldn’t exactly hang out.


I’ve been trying to get back to England since I left. It just so happened if I spent my downtime in England, I would get there in time for my Writing Buddy’s birthday, as well as giving myself a chance to meet some other friends I’ve made, and, of course hang out with Paul.


Choose for love.

I bought my tickets to England.


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