My Life is So Hard


Lounging on a couch with a massive puppy to keep me warm.


Sometimes, it’s pretty fucking tough…


Or not.


At all.


Mood, Summed Up In Song



Are you petrified, of being petrified? Are we going to have to save the school again?


…yes. Yes you are.

Hi Friends!

Once upon a time, I was all like ‘Oh, I love my blog, I’m going to keep it and update it every single day and never ever leave, and me and my blog will be best friend forever, and nothing will ever break us apart, and everything will be beautiful.’


Which… clearly didn’t happen so much.


I keep trying to come up with plans like ‘no, post this many times a week, do these things, keep it going’.

The problem with that is that I just had so many other things that I was doing, and I didn’t (and still don’t) want to commit to something I’m not sure I can maintain.

This being said.


I miss this blog. (I love you guys! I’m sure there are still some of my lovely readers out there…)

So, I’m just going to try and get to it when I can.

I can’t promise anything, but I can say that with any luck there won’t be any more silences that last 3 months.


I’m back! ❤


I always seem to be missing milestones on my blog. Ignoring little things like anniversaries and follower counts and things.

But today is the 900th post.

It’s been two and half years, I’m pretty sure it’s been five different computers, seven different countries. It’s been boats, planes, hitch-hiking. Walking and walking and walking.

and getting lost.


It’s been nostalgia, and beauty and struggle and learning.


As always, I’m glad you’re here.


Life is amazing, and there is so much more to do.

Hey Friends!

I hope you all enjoyed your week!


Mine was pretty freaking fantastic.

I’ve started 12 stories, finished 10 of them, completed a pencil sketch and a photoshop project. There will also be a pretty sweet Ides Mix going up in a few days, so I hope y’all check that out too.

I went on long walks, I saw movies that I probably should have seen months ago, and probably didn’t get into near enough trouble.

I caught up with old friends and made connections with new ones, and only wanted to burn shit down a few times.


It was a good thing to do, for me. Take a break, re-focus, remember perspective.


Honestly, at this point, After not blogging for a week, I kind of miss it.

It’s a chronicle, I guess, but also a reminder.


Because I love my life, and all fo the amazing, bizarre, beautiful things that end up coming my way.


(And I fucking talk a lot anyway, so I might as well write it down.)


I’ve been a lot of things, but one thing description that I’m still incredibly, incandescantly happy with is being a foxy lady finding shiny things.


Thank you all for hanging out with me on my marvellous misadventures.

A Week of Reprieve

Alright friends.

I have found myself very busy with projects lately – good, awesome, fantastic projects, like art and music and writing!

However, this has left me with not very much energy/time for blogging.

In the interest of quality over quantity, I’m giving myself a week, to focus on some other things.

(Though, I mean.

I love blogging. So. It might not be a week. I might very well be back to bother you all long before the week is over, because you’re all freaking awesome, and I really do love my blog.)


See you next week!

Baader Meinhoff: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert just keeps coming up in conversation recently. I don’t know why?

(Not that I’m complaining, by *any* means.)










During my time without a computer, there were a few…small changes in my situation…

Since my last post…I left Cambodia, moved to San Antonio, went to Bartending School, owned it the face and graduated with the highest marks that I have ever graduated with (Seriously. Bartending is so much better for me than teaching. What the fuck was I doing.) and I have a bunch of really exciting job interviews scheduled.

Oh. And I have my very own apartment, that I don’t share with anyone, and a kitchen, and a *bathtub* and it’s pretty freaking beautiful. Like the view from my balcony. (I HAVE A BALCONY. HOW AWESOME IS MY LIFE.)

I’ll be going back to fill in the gap, because I have heaps of stories to tell (because life doesn’t stop even if your computer does.) so, if you’re interested, check back over the next couple of days as I get that filled out.

A note to everyone: Thank all y’all for sticking around. You’re freaking awesome for still being here after like, a *month* of silence.

I’m glad to be back, and it’s even better that I’m not posting to empty silence.

Drop me a comment and say “Hi” if you want. I’m glad you’re here.