Grand Canyon

On a road-trip with Wondertwin, summer of 2010 (I’m pretty sure. Could totally be wrong about that one though. 😛 )


On a New Year adventure with Punk Mentor, January 1st, 2017.



I feel like I could say some deep philosophical bullshit about like. I don’t know. ‘Sometimes, in order to see new things, a person must retrace their steps.’

But like. Whatever. Fuck that.

It’s the same thing. Being somewhere I want to be with people that I enjoy.

If the first day of a new year is supposed to set the tone for anything… I feel like this is pretty much the best direction I could ever ask for.


So Hot Selfie!

I’m pretty sure that I take about one good selfie per year (and it always seems to be in November?)


Part of Coast Guard Training Camp was fire-fighting.

It was fucking *awesome*.

(And weirdly close to scuba training in a surprising amount of ways that wasn’t actually all that surprising when I thought about it, but hey, whatever.)



How ‘Bout Those Fall Colours?

Alright, folks, so. I know I’ve been gone for a while, so what have I been up to?

I’ll do my best to keep it (mostly) in order. 😀


There was a whole lot of ‘maybe’ happening for a while (not that there isn’t *still* a lot of maybe happening in my life, and honestly, I don’t know if there’s any way I know how to live that *doesn’t* involve a lot of maybe. If *anyone* knows a way to live that doesn’t involve a lot of maybe. But I digress…) but the long and short of it is that I went to Maryland to go to Coast Guard Training Camp to get my Merchant Mariner Credentials.

Now, I’ve lived in a certain climate for quite a while at this point, bouncing from Australia to Cambodia to Texas.

So, I got off the plane in Maryland, and I remembered that it was the first of November, and just why New England is known for the fall.






It smelled like fall.

That smell of cold that isn’t quite enough to make it all the way down your throat to your lungs. It’s got just enough bite to linger, but not enough to go anywhere.

And maybe it tasted a little bit like freedom.

A Tangled Way Forward

When I first came to San Antonio, I did have a plan – well, in my typical fashion, I had *several* plans, just in case.

The thing is, none of my plans involved…getting called up for a job that I applied for nearly a year ago.

A job which I do, really want to take.


However, the original plan for the year…ended with me going back to New Zealand.


Now, I’m trying to see if I can’t make it all fit somehow, which is…definitely not something I’ll be regretting, but definitely something that seems like climbing a mountain without a map at this point.


It’s gonna be so fucking beautiful when I get to the top – and even if I don’t make it that far, it’s going to so worth it, every step of the way.


But I’m not terribly sure which was is north, and I’ve never been very good at figuring that out by looking at the sun.

I’ll get there, and it’ll be amazing.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to not step in any holes or trip over any roots.

Cue: A Change of Scene

I will be leaving Texas behind (farewell vivarium! Farewell my magnificent Shadow!) and I will be heading to New Zealand.

I’ve got my sights set on Nelson, but I think there will be a bit of following the wind on this one.

(Nelson just so happens to be a town known for it’s art scene, with lots of opportunities for glassblowing, as well as a flight school, and the jewellery company that created pretty much all the stuff for the Lord of the Rings films. So I mean. Pretty much everything I want to do in life, all handily packaged in one town. )

It’s not quite tourist season, so I might wind up with something seasonal.

(We’ll see how it goes when I actually *get* to New Zealand.)


For now, I’m packing up, cleaning out.

I’m really excited to be back on the road.

It was nice to have a bit of a break, but I’ve still got restless feet and so much of the world to see.

A Writing Confession

I may have ended my hiatus a bit to early, as the day that I was like ‘I’m going to get back to  blogging!!!’ was also the day that I was delivered a singularly obnoxious writing prompt, that I couldn’t quite let go of.

The reason I’ve been less-than-reliable this week is because, in the past seven days, I have managed to write seventeen thousand words.


And that…is amazing.


If I’m honest, that is the *entire* reason I started to blog.


I wanted to know if I could do something, if I could *stick with it*.



this blog has been going for two and half years, and I just managed to write **SEVENTEEN THOUSAND*** words in seven days.


I am honestly, so incredibly proud of myself.


So much of it is thanks to my incredible writing buddy, who helped me believe, at every step of the way that it was even possible.


I’m not going to say it’s the best piece of writing I’ve ever done, but I will say that it is incredibly important to me.


I’ve never written anything like this before.

I honestly didn’t know I *could* write like this before.


Seventeen *thousand* words in seven days.


I fucking sat there, (and I’ll be honest, I did complain a lot) but, I fucking *finished* it.


It’s so much more than I ever realized I could do before.


It’s not the best piece I’ve ever written, but it’s so fucking *important*, and I am so, incredibly happy with it.

It’ll go up tomorrow.


I hope you enjoy!

GOT THE JOB …(provisionally)

I got a beautiful email this morning.

It read:

‘Aloha. We’re so happy to welcome you aboard!’


So, now all I have to do is go through about a metric fuckton of paperwork, get some new identification cards, Merchant Mariner Credentials and pass all of the medical exams…

and then, depending on how long that takes, (and assuming that I don’t run into any issues anywhere) I then get put on a waiting list, for the next time there’s an opening for the actual position I got hired for.

However far away that may be.


But, in the meantime…



Up Helly Aa Or Bust

I like to make ridiculous plans.


Sometimes, those plans involve calling up all of my friends and booking a fucking cabin in the Shetlands for a week to go see a goddamn *viking fire festival*.

Because I make good decisions?

But also because I do the things I want to do.


I’m not going to sit here and put off all the shit that I want to *do* in my life.  My bucket list is far too long for that. I have places to go and things to try.

This is something I’ve been talking about for years.

So I’m going to make it happen.


I’ve booked a cabin, and I’m going to fill it with people I love, and I’m going drag them all along with me. It’s going to be cold, and dark and absolutely ridiculous, and I will never, ever regret not doing it.

Unexpected Interview

I got an email two days ago, that was…extremely surprising.

It was from a cruise line, asking for an interview later this week.


This is weird, because it’s not like I’ve been applying for anything recently.

I *love* my job.

The last time I applied for a cruise ship was…back in November?

So, I wasn’t exactly expecting anything.


But, I mean. It’s on a cruise ship out of Hawaii.

I’m not hardly going to tell them I’m not interested…

Photography Assistant

I was outside my place of work the other day, when who should walk up but my favourite regular from the night before?

He walked over to my table with his boyfriend, and they sat down and they said “after our chat last night, we both had the same idea – you should help us out on our photo shoots! Would you maybe be interested in that?”


And, me being me, I could hardly say ‘yes’ fast enough.


So. Friended on facebook, numbers exchanged.


New Adventures Await!!!