What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been doing a not-so-consistent job of keeping up with my blog lately, but that’s because I’ve been spending most of my free time playing music with Punk Mentor!

This is us, covering Woodie Guthrie’s ‘Ain’t Got No Home Anymore’ featuring him knowing what’s going on, and me pretending I know the lyrics. 😉


Hipster Street Cred

…because what I really need is to be MORE HIPSTER.


…so… have a ukulele cover of a Fall Out Boy song.

The timing seemed appropriate.


Hey Look! I Recorded a Song!

So, in a fit of cosmic irony, I was challenged to make a mix tape about ‘Sweater Weather’

(which can be found here.)

For some silly reason I wanted to include ‘Such Great Heights’ but EVERY VERSION of that song is something I consider UNNECESSARILY LONG.

Also, not particularly about sweaters.

So, I decided to re-write it a bit and do my own version.


Ides of August: Driving Mix – Classics

You’ve got sunglasses on, and you’re pretending that your four-door sedan is a muscle car. The sun is shining, there’s nothing but the road ahead. There’s a map wadded up somewhere beneath the passenger seat, because there’s none of that GPS shit happening here.

For when you’re going it old-school.


Crank it up, and blast the classics.

(Or just pretend, and stream it here.)

Ides of May: Driving Mix “Belt It Out”

To celebrate being back in Road Trip Country, I’ve decided to make soundtracks for driving.


This is for those summer days, when every seat belt in your car is being used (and there might be some people squished on laps) and everybody knows the words, so you just crank it up and Belt It Out.

It’s also here on 8tracks, if that’s more your style!

Ides Of April Mix: Walking in Slow Motion Away from an Explosion

I have decided to start trying to put up one mix per month.

I figured the Ides seemed like as good a time to start as any.


This one is inspired by Wondertwin (sort of).

Wondertwin works at a FUCKING AMAZING bakery/bookstore/cafe/*THING* that makes amazing food, has lego sets and lockpicking kits and *BOOKS* and is named after the SUPER AWESOME LADY  Ada Lovelace.


Her place of work does mix-tape exchanges, where people anonymously submit prompts, and then the prompts are handed out to fellow participants who then make a mix to match.

For some reason, Wondertwin and I often end up working on these together. Even if she’s on the West coast of Washington State and I’m…in the middle of the outback of Australia.

I digress.

Her original prompt was “The Feeling of Walking Through Someone Else’s Dream.”

The first mix she made was “Owner of a sleazy 1970’s Nightclub.”

This inspired the mix I am giving you today:  “Walking in Slow Motion Away from an Explosion”.

You can also stream it here!

Crunchy Not Awesome: A Musical Debut

My cover band seems to be trending away from “punk covers” and towards “covers OF punk”; a subtle but important difference. It’s pretty freaking fun though. 😀

We have a few recordings from our Living Room Premier. Our theme was what we’re calling “Hawaiian Blues”, while we play the songs we think are most inappropriate to be accompanied by a ukulele. It’s *FANTASTIC*.