County Update

My county has measles *AND* zika.


Good job.


Good job.


Too Hot, Hot Damn.

When I was a child, I was taught that during a fire, always feel a door before you go through it. If the door is hot, it means the fire is on the other side, so you can’t go that way.

If my doorknob is too hot to touch, it means I don’t have to go outside or do anything today, right?


Poetry Pot-Luck

The other day I heard some women discussing poetry. I poked my head in and got invited to their poetry pot-luck tonight!

The theme of the evening is, I guess, a line from (or inspired by? I’m  not sure…) “The Revenant” but it is :”snow doesn’t melt on a dead man”.


Intense, eh?


I’m  really excited fo r a chance to be writing poetry again.



No, but *really*… Fall Out Boy.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve had their album just playing on repeat for the past fortnight solid at this point.





(Okay, and not from the most recent album, but whatever. There was a version of it in Pitch Perfect 2, and so it got added to my playlist.)


(and I guess, since I mentioned it, the one from the film):


Pitch Perfect 2

Alright, so I’m like. a total sap, especially for music.

(Like. *so* soppy. so soppy. Like. ‘bread crust that’s been ignored by the ducks in the pond’ levels of soppy.)

This movie is about singing together. It might, at moments, attempt to pretend it’s anything else, but it’s not.

It’s about that feeling when you’ve clicked with the people that you make music with. How, when you’re all just there and together, and how easy it is.

And how that’s not actually something that’s all that easy to find.

How beautiful it is when you’ve got it, and how hard it is to leave it behind when you all eventually have to move on.


(That’s probably only sort of what the movie is about, but WHATEVER. I can freaking project my life experiences onto shit if I want to!)


(But also, it really *is* about that, just, I mean, I think it’s supposed to be a bit of a larger metaphor for that whole ‘moving on’ thing, and I’m definitely choosing not to focus on that bit of it.)