Back to Coffee Shops

I am back in the land of *PROPER COFFEE SHOPS*, and I am in love.

I am also curled up in a corner, on a tweed love-seat, sipping cold brew.

It’s not even the little things, so much. It’s more of a…hallmark of a certain lifestyle.

I think I may have officially come to the conclusion that NEVER AGAIN will I choose to live in a town with no coffee shops.

No megusta.


Dice and Coffee

There’s an elderly couple playing dice at a shady table outside the coffeeshop.


There’s an elderly couple playing dice at a shady table outside the coffeeshop.


My place of work serves food, and everyone who works there gets one food-item comped per shift.

My place of work *technically* has salads, but never, ever has more than two.

The salad is the most common thing for me to eat, because, hey! Nutrient-dense food I don’t have to pay for! Awesome!

Unfortunately, there is a guy at work right now, who *also* usually eats the salad.

(and if given the chance, he’ll eat them *both*)

[insert death glare here].


I honestly don’t think that a *customer* has managed to get a salad in the past month that I’ve been working there.

However, there is a bit of a cold-war that has started.

Creative placement, or sometimes even just whoever gets there earliest buy it, writes their name all over it and leaves it in the fridge in the back.

Things have genuinely gotten hidden.

It’s fucking *hilarious*.

Like. Sometimes, I’ll be working and he’ll come in, and he’ll just give me this *look*, and ask for a fucking fork, and I’m just like.

‘If you don’t leave me one. I will *destroy* you.’


It’s beautiful.

Championship Wrestling and Coffee

Today, at work, I got to meet this really amazing guy, who was a professional wrestler.

It was fascinating, because…I know pretty much absolutely nothing about wrestling, at all, but we had so much to talk about, because professional sport means that he travelled.

He told me all about how he used to go to Russia whenever possible for training, because he fell in love with the country. We talked about the beauty of New Zealand, and what it’s like to live in Melbourne.

I don’t meet a lot of people travel at my current position, which isn’t a bad thing, but I find it does wind up being something I have to *explain* quite often.

It’s really wonderful to meet someone else with restless feet.

A Traitor Discovered

Today, I was getting off work, and who should I run into but…

a fellow regular from the coffeeshop that *I* frequent.


There were a few moments where both of us were kind of like ‘Hey, wait a second, aren’t you….???’

(This is particularly funny, because we both definitely spent…many hours at our favourite local coffeeshop yesterday.)

And today, we met in the lobby…of a Starbucks.


and I threw my hands up and said ‘Hey. I just work here.’


and he pointed at me and said “Traitor! I have found you out!”

and I said ‘Except you’re here too…?’


and it was beautiful.

Late Night Chat

I got off work the other day, and (as I so often do) I just went outside and enjoyed the delicious, ambient heat of San Antonio, along with the complimentary free internet. (Heck yes. I’m so classy.)

I was sitting there (coincidentally blogging), and who should walk up, but my favourite regular.

And then we talked for two hours.

About music, and bananas and Brazilian walking spiders, and when your friends don’t tell you that those brownies have weed in them. We talked about photography and fear and creativity. We talked about bones and people, and the Marfa Mystery Lights.


It was this moment of silence, (or not silence, but, clarity maybe?) when I got to remember.

There’s been a lot of running around for me lately, a lot of frantic, and not a lot of just…*being*.

And that’s what this was.

Sitting on cheap outdoor furniture until we got kicked off the patio; connecting with someone beyond a smile and a nod and a drink in hand.

I love people.

Work So Good

Are you ready for a funny story?

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working a lot lately.

Unfortunately, my schedules have lined up in a way that I haven’t had a day off in something over three weeks. Which, is kind of a lot. (SO MANY EARLY MORNINGS. WHY SO MANY EARLY MORNINGS.)

Anyway, so. Today was supposed to be my first proper day off in a long while, but yesterday, I got a text from a co-worker that a family member had gotten sick, and could I cover a shift.

I said yes, but because of schedule constraints, I couldn’t take the whole shift. I volunteered to take the early-morning bit, because it’s a lot easier to find someone to come in at 9:30 than at 6:30.

Then, we had to clear it with our store manager, who wasn’t answering their phone.

Which was a bit frustrating.

So, I closed the cafe, and we got out near to midnight.

I also had maintenance folk scheduled to come to my house today, so I went home and and set up my  place so they could get to the things they needed to be able to get to.

I ended up getting about two hours of sleep.

Then, I woke up, got on my bike, and went in to work.

So, after MOTHERFUCKING ALL THAT JESUS FUCK I got to work, and I was standing outside the door, and the store manager walks up and she says ‘you know I got that shift covered by someone else, right?’


And I managed to say something like ‘All of it?’

And she was like ‘Yes.’

So, after all that, fucking *TWO HOURS OF SLEEP*

it’s just

‘Uhm. You can go home now?’

Thanks, kids. Thanks. >.<


(But my friends did make me a really gigantic, beautiful cup of pity tea. So it didn’t turn out too bad I suppose.)

D&D Manager

The other day I was on my break at the coffeeshop, when one of the managers walked in.

He paused for a moment and gave me a long look and then said “I bet you DD. Do you DD?”


I kind of gave a confused nod, because in my life ‘DD’ is usually referring to ‘Designated Driver’, and I was like ‘Yes, I often volunteer to DD, but I’m not sure why that’s relevant at this juncture?’

And then he was like “No!!! Dungeons and Dragons. You seem like you’d play.”


To which I could only respond “YES!!!!!!!”


I…really like this job.