Ineffective Insults

My Punk Mentor came over tonight, and then we found out about an art gallery opening/event/thing.

I happen to be wearing some truly magnificent blue lipstick this evening, which I had to refresh before heading out to any type of soirée, naturally.

I told Punk Mentor I had to touch up my make-up, and Punk Mentor responded “Whatever, Ziggy Stardust.”

To which I replied something along the lines of “FUCK YEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!! ZIGGY STARDUST IS LIKE. MY MOST FAVOURITE BOWIE EVER!!!!!”

And I proceeded to flail about appropriately.


He just gave me the headshake and left for the car


David Bowie

I found out this evening that David Bowie passed away today.


I’m so gutted. He was such a fucking inspiration to me.

Not only was he absolutely a musical genius, but just.. artistically he was so adaptable.


There are so many thing about David Bowie that I have admired for so long.







I was going to talk about something else, but I saw this, and it just fried my brain a little bit.

So now you’re getting a post of music videos of magical musical combinations.






and, as always, going to close it with EVERYTHING I LOVE ON ONE STAGE:

Musical Nostalgia

I am often in charge of providing the soundtrack at the restaurant where I work. (People involved who know me in any capacity in real life are probably…absolutely not surprised by this at all.)

I often fill my music selection with the kind of stuff that is just generally accepted by the majority of people. Nothing too “out-there” or “strange”. I often go with classic rock

Or 80’s pop

Or “Road Trip” music

Just…stuff that folks find familiar enough that nobody really complains. Last night, a fairly new guy in the kitchen told me that had “surprisingly nostalgic” taste in music.

I was like…okaaay? But, no not really. Because, “nostalgia” is…really quite personal? So, for me to feel “Nostalgic” while listening to music…I would be…not listening to most of that.

So, now you’ll all be subjected to music that makes me nostalgic. heh.