New Skills!

Today, I learned how to adjust the fret-board of … well… of *most* guitars…


All it takes is an alan key!


Who knew?


Of Arrivals and Guitars

Every time I think I have managed to convince myself that I absolutely do not need to be traveling with a guitar…

I find myself in an airport, waiting for the sun to rise and my hotel to open so that I have somewhere to stay.

A man named Phillip was also waiting for the sun to rise.

He pointed to my guitar case and said “You play?”

So while we waited for sunrise, I learned about blues. I learned about Rock ‘n Roll, and fingerpicking. He played my guitar and I played my ukulele.

We sang House of the Rising Sun, because we both knew the lyrics to that one. (Mostly.)

Because music is it’s own language.

Because even at 4:00 in the morning, at the arrivals gate of Denpasar Airport in Bali, with two hours until sunrise, there is still space to create joy.

Found Guitar

I found a guitar behind the fridge in the staff lounge yesterday. It’s blue and needs a new set of strings, and I am *SO EXCITED*.

The current instrument count at staff quarters follows:

1:  classical guitar

2:  acoustic guitars

2:  ukuleles


I need to go to town and pick up some more strings and then there can be some real jam sessions; where everyone has their own instrument. We won’t have to pass things across the circle anymore.


Morning After

Last night was *Amazing*.

It was…honestly, I think pretty much the best first gig that I could have ever hoped to have.

It wasn’t any kind of big production or anything. It felt like sitting in my living room goofing around with friends.

Only my friends were the occupants of the Roadhouse, and I was on a bit of a stage.


It’s teh kind of gig that I’ve always wanted to do, where I don’t pretend to be the best at an

ything, and I don’t need to be polish-perfect.

I stop in the middle of songs and explain why they aren’t technically, scientifically correct.

I tell stories about crazy times and random facts.

It wasn’t straight music, because that’s not really how I roll.

It’s the bits and pieces found in the cupboard thrown together. It may not be the prettiest thing that you’ve ever seen, but I guarantee it will taste good.


Last night’s gig was fantastic. People laughed, they sang along, I took requests…It was wonderful.


I get to do it again!


Have I mentioned recently that I really like working here?

Facebook Official

I was in the kitchen, cleaning the grill, when my supervisor walked up and said “When are you playing?”

and I said “Tonight.”

And she was like “Well, yeah, but when? I’m putting you on facebook.”

and I was sort of just like “Well….when do folk usually play?”

So, I’ll be starting at 6:30 P.M.


It’s been posted.

I’m facebook official.

Let’s see how this goes.

Surprise! Have a Gig!

A while ago in Melbourne, I mentioned that I landed a gig, and I had no idea what to do, and that I somehow had to come up with 45 minutes of content and that I had no minutes of content and whatamIdoingfreakingout.

(And then I lost the email I was supposed to follow up with so nothing ever came of it.)

So I was on my way to the kitchen last night, carrying the stereo, and my boss is sitting on the corner table, and I walk by and she says

“Hey Kate, when you gonna play for us?”

and I’m like

“On a weekend in a fortnight or so?”

and she goes “Nah! That’s too far away. How about tonight?”

and I was like

“Not tonight.”

so she said “Tomorrow?”

and I said “…okay…?!”


I have a gig tomorrow.









So good, but so crazy, and what am I gonna do, and stuff and stuff, and I don’t even have time to freak out properly because I need to go to bed so I can open the kitchen tomorrow morning.




A New Home

I have moved to a new home.


It’s a single unit, but it has two beds in it. I am a bit perplexed by this, but really it just means that my guitar has a place to sleep every night, which definitely can’t be a bad thing.

(I may or may not have put the extra pillow to go with the extra bed on the floor, so my ukulele has a bed as well.

It’s the perfect size.)

I live in the staff quarters now. (I feel so official.) It’s kind of nice, because I’m not all the way across the lot, so when there are movie nights, or late-night walks, I’m not a million miles away.

I also have shelving.

I love shelves.

They’re just so handy to put things on.


Hipster House: LEVEL UP!!!!

Our hipster house apparently wasn’t hipster *enough*, so when my housemates came home today they brought a kiddie xylophone with them.


Then I found a working Polaroid camera on our bookshelf.


Also, if Goldilocks walked into our living room, she’d be able to find an instrument that was “JUUUUST RIGHT.”


Then There Was a Bunny

When I was a child, I had an entire series of stuffed bunnies. They were named sequentially as “Bun-Bun”. I’m fairly certain I remember there being a “Bun-bun 7”. (Seriously. Why do people say that young children are creative? )

When I was twelve, my best friend and I had a singularly convoluted plan about how we were somehow going to time-share a bunny.

It was going to be a black, long-haired lop (are there bunnies like that? Probably, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one) and we were going to name it Rescai Satine Sable (I think that’s how we spelled it, anyway… (Actually, I’m pretty sure there was an apostrophe in the there somewhere, but I have no idea where it would have gone now. Re’Scai, maybe.)).

We were going to take over the world, and instead of having a cat, we would stroke this black bunny and watch everything burn.

Or something less sociopathic than that. Y’know. Whatever.

Then, I find myself sleeping on the couch in an apartment with a black bunny named Bun-Bun.



I spent about three hours in the backyard enjoying the sun with Bun-Bun and a guitar, because Melbourne likes to give its residents green grass and warm breezes to go with the falling leaves and frigid rain.

It was a beautiful morning.


Happy Birthday!

Foxfinding is one year old today!

According to Wikipedia, the numeral “one” used to be a horizontal line instead of the vertical one the folks have become so familiar with. It evolved. That’s kind of cool.


It’s almost like an inchworm. An inchworm that learns to dance. Then…joins the military…?


N’aaw. Blog. Aren’t you just the best little blog I’ve ever had…[insert gooey “cute” noises here.]

In honour of the…bloggyness of blogging…

A really ugly cake:

Summer 08, Kate B-day Impala Cake,4th, & parties 003

You tell *me* what it is. I know what it is.

(The answer is “Sadness”, by the way.)

My cat!


My current mug of tea!


The most hipster corner of my house!


Happy Birthday!