I May or May Not Be a Little Bit in Love

Sometimes I just like to put one song on repeat…sort of indefinitely.

For like. The next million years. Because who needs to sleep when there’s putting this one song on repeat and cranking up the volume as high as it can go.

and then listening to it…just one more time.



Baader Meinhoff: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert just keeps coming up in conversation recently. I don’t know why?

(Not that I’m complaining, by *any* means.)










I do this things sometimes, where choices freak me out?

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my final fortnight in Australia. Where do I want to go, what do I want to do, how do I want to get there.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was online, trying to figure out the best way to get from where I am to where I want to be.

Then I realized:

Where I want to be…isn’t Australia?

The things that I have left that I want to do in Australia aren’t things that I want to try and cram in to the tiny amount of space I have left.

The things that I still want to do in Australia are things that I want to be stressed about. I don’t want to be worrying about whether I’ll miss out on something, or whether I should have made a different decision.


fuck it.

I’m going to Bali.



I am currently in the airport. I left Melbourne 30 hours ago, but somehow it’s still the same day.


And, it’s been over two days (maybe? I think?) since I did that whole “getting sleep” thing.

I can’t sleep on planes, and I don’t get to sleep in an airport, or I’d probably sleep through my flight boarding.

Travel, friends. Time zones.

But really I feel like I’m stuck in some unending, time-looping episode of a sci-fi show. But at least it’s warm here. No more doubling up on socks! No more sleeping in hats! No more putting down roots in front of the heater! I can just go outside, because it’s *JULY*, and to the Northern hemisphere, that means *summer*.


Anyway, I’ve turned to my constant friend, the music video as an anti-sleep aid..

Which I will now inflict upon you. Because you’re reading this blog.



(This is the best version, because this is the one where the dude rips his shirt open at the end.)




A Moving Feast

I have eaten SO MUCH food recently, because I’m trying to clear out my cupboards in the kitchen. Naturally, the best way to do this is to EAT. ALL. OF. THE. FOOD.

Okay. So. Feeding everyone at the party definitely helped put a dent in what I had left, but I’ve been trying my best to get through the rest of it.

It means that when I’m up packing at 3:00 A.M., and I think “hmm. I could probably go to sleep.” I then remember, “NO! Sleep is for the weak! Make yourself another meal, and then KEEP GOING!”

Which is what I’ve been doing, and it’s been fine.

We’ll ignore just how many times I’ve managed to walk into doors instead of *through* doors this week, mmkay?

I finally finished packing, and I was doing up all of the straps on my backpack, and pulling off the old stickers from previous flights, and my housemate got this look on his face like “wow. She knows what she’s doing here.” and I was all “Pssht. Yeah. I might just be old-hat at this.” and then I walked into the door.

Hi friends. My name is Classy Action. How’s it going? -_-

No Sleep? New Post!

I keep staying up late enough until it’s early, and then the sun rises. It’s beautiful.

It’s strange, I somehow never managed to get used to the sun when it’s still cold outside. When the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is catching all of the dust in the air where it shines through the windows, but if you’re brave enough to step outside, you’ll find it to be just as cold as it was in the dead of night.

I’m really excited to be back in the Northern hemisphere, where it will be warm.  I feel like I’ve been perpetually cold for months.

Sometimes, instead of sleeping, I’ll just put a music video on repeat, and watch it all night long.  This is one I got from hitherandyawn.

He thought it was sad. I thought it was inspiring.

Life hurts sometimes, but you’re going to be okay. It’s good for sunrises, and goodbyes.

It feels like a good fit for these mornings.