At the Market

The Market seems to be situated squarely between the place I’m staying and…pretty much every single thing that I want to go do.

The first few days I walked through, I was still a bit in shock from the currency. I’ve never been in a country where the currency is a based in thousands. It was really intimidating for me to walk through and hear people shouting “So cheap! One hundred fifty thousand!”. It was so easy for me to just…walk through, because I hadn’t gotten a handle on the fact that one American dollar is about twelve thousand Indonesian Rupiahs.

Once I got a bit more used to the exchange rate though…the market got steadily more attractive.


I’m not in the habit of keeping a lot of cash on me. I usually take what I need, and not a lot more. So, today, I realized two really incredible strategies for haggling:

1) Honestly don’t want the thing.

If you really don’t care whether or not you get the thing, and you’re actually willing to walk away, it’s amazing how fast the price gets lowered.

2) Actually don’t have the money.

If you’ve gotten the price down to 100, you reach into your pockets and then truly only have 88… chances are you’re going to get it anyway.