Of Arrivals and Guitars

Every time I think I have managed to convince myself that I absolutely do not need to be traveling with a guitar…

I find myself in an airport, waiting for the sun to rise and my hotel to open so that I have somewhere to stay.

A man named Phillip was also waiting for the sun to rise.

He pointed to my guitar case and said “You play?”

So while we waited for sunrise, I learned about blues. I learned about Rock ‘n Roll, and fingerpicking. He played my guitar and I played my ukulele.

We sang House of the Rising Sun, because we both knew the lyrics to that one. (Mostly.)

Because music is it’s own language.

Because even at 4:00 in the morning, at the arrivals gate of Denpasar Airport in Bali, with two hours until sunrise, there is still space to create joy.


A Series of Observations

Moments from travel (20 hours of flight, 10 hours of connections):

My flight runs on linux!


Awww yeah!


On the flight from Australia to the United States, we were informed that we were not allowed to keep windows open.    I’m pretty sure that’s the point of windows. I mean, there don’t have to be windows in a plane. They’re not a necessity. Putting a window in the plane implies that I can keep the windows open. What the heck, airline? What the heck.


Flight number 2:

Pay attention to gate numbers. That’s important. Note: I managed to not miss my flight, by the skin of my teeth. I got on right as they were about to close the gates. Adrenalin directly before getting on an airplane is not the best thing in the world.


I sat next to people who were A) Awesome, B) professional cosplayers, C) employed by Dante Basco.

Who is Dante Basco?  Well, if you’re a visual person, you might know him best as Rufio from Hook.

Still of Robin Williams and Dante Basco in Hook (1991)


If you know anything about voice acting though, it’s a lot more likely that you know him from Avatar. (The good one, not the monstrosity with blue people.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005)


Which, there is a video of them doing cosplay things. Apparently there’s a bit of a movement for combining voice actors and cosplay. It’s pretty cool, and I’ll definitely have to look into it more.



Flight 3:

Nothing says “Help, I’m trapped in the Chicago airport!” like a singularly overpriced and overwhelmingly disappointing deep-dish pizza.



Nothing says “I am a capable adult who understand the necessary communication involved with making travel plans” quite like

“Hey! So, I’m at baggage claim.”

“You’re in Louisville?”


“I thought your flight got in tomorrow.”

“International Date Line does that to people.”

“Shit. Hold tight. We’re on our way. See you in two hours.”


Oh yeah. Awesome road trip.