Rick & Morty

I recently got to go hang out with my Motorcycle Buddy. (The same one who helped me with the horrifyingly bad idea that was adopting a broken television to take apart.)

We got together (which meant that I got thoroughly defeated by the San Antonio Public Transit system and somehow managed to spend over three hours traveling about six fucking miles.

Dear San Antonio. Your public Transport system is *terrible*.)

When I finally got there, though, I was introduced to the world of Rick & Morty.


This show.


This show.


…Maybe there was a  while when I wasn’t paying attention to cartoons, or I was just watching the wrong ones. (Or maybe when they were on I wasn’t in a place to understand all of the levels that were being poked at.)

I feel like there are a great many cartoons happening right now that are… really deep.

Some of them have deep, fundamental levels of metaphor.

Some of them have throw-away comments that casually toss out the kind of ideas that philosophy students get drunk over.


Rick and Morty. It…might fall into the first category? (I feel like marathoning something isn’t always the best way to see that though.) but it *definitely* falls into the second category.

It’s the kind of show that people could probably write dissertations on.

I don’t know if I can something like ‘IT’S SO GOOD, EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!’

But I can say…

It’s fascinating.


An Update on Progress: Regarding Game of Thrones

After I finished Book One…I watched a single episode of the television show and just…didn’t feel much of a need to watch anymore of it? I already know what happens, so I just…wasn’t terribly gripped by it?

I have gotten my hands on a copy of Book Two, so I imagine that will be taking up space in my immediate future, but here’s the thing:

I think I’ve watched this video about five hundred times at this point.


I have the soundtrack to every single season.

I just…

it’s so good…..



(Also, why are all lady cello players so incredibly hot?

Oh. That’s right. Because ladies playing cello is pretty much the hottest thing EVAR.)


Seriously, though, there are SO MANY covers of the theme for Game of Thrones. Some of them are better than others.






Also, if you don’t watch the show…the intro is actually really, *really* cool. It’s also super helpful, which, let’s be real. How often is the introduction sequence to a television show *useful*? But this one actually does a pretty good job of giving the viewer an idea of where things actually are on the map, which, honestly, is something that I usually just ignore when reading fantasy novels, (sometimes significantly to my own detriment) I usually just figure “ah, they’re traveling” and go with it. This, however, is super cool and kind of makes it all fit together. (Which is also important for this show because there are a *lot* of story lines, so knowing where everyone is is really helpful.)